Does every moment exist forever? What is it that compels us to preserve thoughts, memories and events? We search for our cameras and record every moment, compulsively, as if they may slip away before we even get the chance to experience them.

Ancient Sumerian culture used clay to keep track of items, counting, tallying, creating civilization's first inventory. Clay has an innate ability to record marks, scratches, and impressions, and it is my intention to take part in that story through color, texture and imagery. Whether it be on functional forms, flat canvases or sculpture I intend to continue the narrative surrounding the relationship and dissonance between humans and their built and natural environments. Preserving both personal and universal experiences on clay surfaces seems to legitimize and celebrate every moment.


I find comfort in physics, in that research is confirming that the multiple dimensions that surround us may very well support every moment in time. It seems both magical and a relief that each story we experience as humans may always exist forever, especially when change is the only constant.

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