Objects we are most familiar with bring comfort and joy. They are present yet hardly noticed.  Functional pottery is inextricably bound to the familiar. It surrounds us, an integral part of food and family. The functional objects I make are meant to be used daily. I strive to make them in such a way that they are not invisible, because they can say something new everyday.  


The shapes I start with are simple and familiar.  I then alter the form; add bits of oddities that disturb the familiar without disturbing the function. Taking advantage of the fact that these objects are to be handled, I use the terrain of my forms, drawings reminiscent of childhood and simple words and phrases to connect the user to their own stories.  


Each piece I make tells a unique story. They are small stories about the everyday. Using common and ordinary animals, objects and subject matter grounds the narrative in the familiar. Evoking the archetypes of the sheep, the fox, the rabbit, the bear and the squirrel allows me to tell stories about universal interactions, situations, and emotions with my work. By combining these recognizable elements in an unexpected and unfamiliar way, I can leave my tales open to interpretation. My narrative unfolds across the inside, outside, and the underside of my work. I use the whole piece to invite further exploration. I make my work to be touched, held and used everyday but also to be worthy of notice, of being considered, and being reconsidered. 

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