Birdie Boone is a pot maker and a researcher of the domestic realm--especially of social tendencies and their effects on personal identity with regard to food and modern lifestyle. She currently lives and maintains a full-time studio practice in southwestern Virginia, was raised in San Francisco CA and Abingdon VA, and has also lived in Massachusetts, Montana and New Mexico. Birdie holds a BA in Studio Fine Arts from The College of William and Mary in Virginia (1994) and an MFA in Artisanry/Ceramics from the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth (2005). She was a long-term artist in residence and fellowship recipient at the Archie Bray Foundation (2007-2009). In 2017, Birdie went to China for a semester-length residency as a visiting artist in Jingdezhen with West Virginia University (2017). 


My intent as a maker is to address the significance of domestic experiences through the honesty of simply composed forms and thoughtfully developed surfaces. It’s important to me to present these objects as well-balanced and eager to be used, but also that they have a subtle kinetic presence, a sensory reminder, if you will, that things aren’t set in stone. There are no unnecessary details; every element is carefully considered as they form the dialect by which I translate what I observe around me. Rendered in soft volumes with evocative surfaces, my pots are not only useful objects, they are also subjects that have the ability to affect their users’ sensibilities and to act upon the domestic spaces they occupy.