Doug Peltzman | Lisa Orr's Studio

My overarching goal as a maker is to craft ceramic objects that tell a story and serve as a conduit for conversation, interaction, and celebration. The work is part bystander and part active participant, advocating for slow time and adding a layer of meaning and pleasure to daily life. Process and intention feed my artistic practice. The formal, tactile, and visual language evident in my work acts as a catalyst to heighten the perception of and sensitivity to objects in domestic space. My desire to make architectural forms contrasted with soft attachments (i.e. handles and knobs) generates tension and harmony, simultaneously. On the surface, lines, dots, dashes, texture, and color are composed to create symbolism and depth. Marks are blurred and enhanced by the phenomena of glaze and the contrast of saturated color. My relationship to making is deeply personal, as is one’s relationship to a good handmade cup. It has the power to transcend its function and universally connect in profound ways. I create highly crafted utilitarian objects to bring focus to this intimate intersection between art and life.

GACA Demonstration May 11
Doug Peltzman wiil be demonstrating his craft on Thursday, May 11 from 7 to 9pm at Fine Arts Center at St. Edwards University

Parking available in front of building
Presented by Greater Austin Ceramic Artists

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