Carole Ann Fer | Deer Isle, Maine | Lisa Orr's Studio

My work is thrown soft and slow and often altered, on the potter's wheel. I strive to convey the malleable characteristics inherent in the material. The immediacy of altering in the wet stage enhances its pliable qualities and allows me to work the clay much like a tailor works fabric. I often "dress" the piece with pleats, buttons, darts and accessories. My surface decorations are inspired by fabric patterns and designs. In the tradition of Mingei, I look for a visual sense of sturdiness that offers balance to the eye and hand. In following the philosophy of Wabi-Sabi, imperfection is perfect; the irregularity of form shows the evidence left by the making process and gently suggests the integrity,history and transformation of the finished pots. My hope is that each piece is distinctive, joyous, and contemplative. After years of being a studio potter, I continue to gain total satisfaction from seeing a lively dialogue between maker, object, and daily use.

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